Sunday, November 30, 2008


British Actor Joey Jeetun, 31, who played one of the suicide bombers in a British television documentary 7/7: Attack on London survived the terrorist attack by faking his death but later arrested by by Mumbai police as a suspect. He was in Cafe Leopold, Taj Mahal Hotel when attack broke out on Wednesday.

His arrest led to reporting in some news agency that British were involved in Mumbai Attack.

Piers Akerman from The Daily Telegraph wrote in his blog -

The involvement of Britons among the terrorists responsible for the murders of
more than 150 people in Mumbai last week signals another milestone in the march
of multiculturalism and the failure of Western and democratised nations to deal
with Islamists.
Anyway, I guess Joey Jeetun must have looked a lot like a terrorist to be able to act as a terrorist in TV and to be mistaken as a terrorist in Mumbai.

People should advise him not to go to USA in case he is mistaken as a terrorist and send him to Guantanamo.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

| 28 comments ] reported that a bartender from NY was fired because she blogged about Belgian Minister of Defense Pieter De Crem bar visit. A few days after her post, Nathalie's boss received a call from Defense Minister's office and she was fired straight away!

According to TechCrunch,

Following his visit, bartender Nathalie Lubbe Bakker blogged about their visit
(in Dutch), talking about how disgusted she was of how drunk De Crem was and how
embarrassed she was about his behavior. Worst part, she wrote, was the fact that
one of the politician’s advisors admitted to her that the meetings they were
there for on taxpayer’s money were in fact canceled because the UN was meeting
in Geneva (which is about 330 miles from Brussels).

A couple of days later, someone from De Crem’s office had a telephone call with Nathalie’s boss, after which she was promptly fired. This was initially denied by the politician, and it remains unclear if her termination was a direct result of the call or the blog post in question.
Well I think this was abuse of power from De Crem’s part. The trip was paid by Belgian tax-payers. Even though the meeting was canceled, he still choose to come to NY just because " he’d never visited the city anyway" and got drunk in a bar.

When his action was exposed on net by a civic-minded blogger, he got the blogger fired.

I say - with all due respect, Mr. Pieter De Crem, you should be fired, not her!


"The loss of any life to terrorism is sad, and the loss of a fellow
Singaporean is a pain more keenly and closely felt by every Singaporean."

Professor S Jayakumar.

This facebook group was founded by a facebook user Adrian in memory of Ms. Lo Hwei Yen, the fallen angel, who gave her life to the terrorist attack in Mumbai. You can share your condolences and display our unity against the terrorists.

Currently the group has a total of 16 members and 7 wall posts.

In Memoriam: Ms. Lo Hwei Yen


It was a night of tragedy in Mumbai. It was the night Mumbai was burned along with the hearts of peace loving people of the world. It was the night a group of terrorists brazenly walked around the streets of Mumbai, killing the innocents along their ways. It was the night Mumbai burned. It was November 26, 2008.

We will always remember you and that day… Mumbai!

Interactive Map of Mumbai Attacks from NY Times

Friday, November 28, 2008


I received an invitation SMS from Zirca, a new entertainment venue in town..

The SMS goes like this -

U r invited to our exclusive party @ The Cannery TMR, Fri. Tis sms admits 2.
FREE FLOW frm 930 - 1130pm. Get ready 2 experience d new frontier of clubbing.

Wow... exciting!!! See u there... babes... :)