Sunday, November 30, 2008


British Actor Joey Jeetun, 31, who played one of the suicide bombers in a British television documentary 7/7: Attack on London survived the terrorist attack by faking his death but later arrested by by Mumbai police as a suspect. He was in Cafe Leopold, Taj Mahal Hotel when attack broke out on Wednesday.

His arrest led to reporting in some news agency that British were involved in Mumbai Attack.

Piers Akerman from The Daily Telegraph wrote in his blog -

The involvement of Britons among the terrorists responsible for the murders of
more than 150 people in Mumbai last week signals another milestone in the march
of multiculturalism and the failure of Western and democratised nations to deal
with Islamists.
Anyway, I guess Joey Jeetun must have looked a lot like a terrorist to be able to act as a terrorist in TV and to be mistaken as a terrorist in Mumbai.

People should advise him not to go to USA in case he is mistaken as a terrorist and send him to Guantanamo.


Anonymous said... @ December 15, 2008 at 4:43 PM

To the person who wrote,"Joey Jeetun must have looked like a terrorist."That is the most stupid thing I have heard.
As an Actor,people do not always have to look like the person they are playing.(It helps.)
As long as they can act!
Did Angela Bassett look like Tina Turner,in the film "What's Love Got To Do With It."No!!
To make that statement was bad enough,but to then carry on and say"People should advise him not to go to the USA,in case he is mistaken as a terrorist,and send him to Guantanamo."
Is the biggest load of c--p,I have heard, and a very stupid comment to make.
As a friend of Mr Jeetun's I would tell him to travel where ever he wanted,and that would include the USA.
But I would not advise him,to go at this time,soon after the experience he has just gone through.

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